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turn on the bright lights

above all, truth!

The grumpton
I am not exciting. I like things that way.
Bristolian through and through, apart from the accent, and live with my partner in the centre of the city.
Not very tall, and never really wanted to be.

Things I like:
Cherry bakewells
Watching telly
Meeting people from the internet

Things I don't like
Irritating noises
Being nagged
Bad drivers

Things I post about
What I have done since I last posted
Things that have annoyed me
What I am watching on telly

A woman appreciative rap by ailbhe - "You purr so sweet when I rub your feet you're at work all day now it's time to play gonna take you for a walk gonna woo you in the park there among the trees and flowers we can talk for hours and hours"

Written after I got pissed off with all the rubbish rap about hos and bitches.